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ESO News
Today’s player-created build features a Dragonknight that truly embraces the power of flame.
Published Sep 29, 2014
The contents of this edition are officially approved and sanctioned by the Thalmor.
Published Sep 26, 2014
Find out what you’ll see in tomorrow’s episode. We have some great segments planned!
Published Sep 25, 2014
ESO fans continue to enrich the community with their awesome creations.
Published Sep 23, 2014
Pen the best story for this grisly scene and win excellent prizes!
Published Sep 22, 2014
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ViralProspekt   created a new thread Affiliation in the Site Suggestions forum
Mattaul Anyone who had an issue with your bank losing slots or items, check the 1.0.4 patch notes on the forums and contact customer support.
Saxxan a  created a new thread 1-to-1 interview with David Braben by Scott Manley in the Elite:Dangerous General Chat forum
Solonius_27 lmfao! i lost all the gold i had in my bank. Along with first bank expansion. I guess giving me all the early access mail again is supposed to make it all better. :sick:
Faya Pendragon   created a new thread Patch notes for 07/04/14 in the ESO General Chat forum
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___________ WURM! __________ (Like medieval Minecraft but with round bits...)
saw a few folks i didnt know on last night
Who did we lose?
awww yeaaa less than 5 hours!
Thanks for adding more time! :sick:
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