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ESO News
Visit the Craglorn site to learn more about what you’ll find in ESO’s first Adventure Zone.
Published Apr 17, 2014
Find out how to get your guild in the spotlight and learn more about new post-launch website content.
Published Apr 16, 2014
Open up today’s issue and discover new fan creations, resources, and more.
Published Apr 15, 2014
Today, we’re tackling your questions about ESO’s first Adventure Zone.
Published Apr 14, 2014
The YouTube comedian and animator goes back to Tamriel in a new cartoon. Sing along!
Published Apr 11, 2014
Saxxan a  created a new thread 1-to-1 interview with David Braben by Scott Manley in the Elite:Dangerous General Chat forum
Solonius_27 lmfao! i lost all the gold i had in my bank. Along with first bank expansion. I guess giving me all the early access mail again is supposed to make it all better. :-P
Faya Pendragon   created a new thread Patch notes for 07/04/14 in the ESO General Chat forum
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Faya Pendragon   Gogo Minecraft server! (Thx Thon)
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Faya Pendragon   Thank you Javie, now if you would only log into TS!^^
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saw a few folks i didnt know on last night
Who did we lose?
Heh, so, as usual when we are barely over a week into a new game, all the new faces drift away. Except Jacob and Thon! :)
awww yeaaa less than 5 hours!
Thanks for adding more time! :)
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